Purchase: Consumables

Operation of the Sherlock™ Microbial Identification System (MIS, Agilent), Sherlock™ Chromatographic Analysis System (CAS, Shimadzu) and Sherlock™ Mycobacteria Identification System (MYCO-LCS, Agilent) require several consumables.

In the USA, these consumables can be purchased directly from MIDI. Outside the USA, our consumables are sold through MIDI's Authorized Agent Network. If you reside outside the USA, please contact MIDI and request the MIDI Authorized Agent for your country. Make sure to indicate which country you are from.

Concentrated Calibration Standards Now Shipping*

To reduce cost and inconvenience to our customers associated with shipping hexanes (which is classified as a Dangerous Good), MIDI now provides a concentrated form of our Rapid/Standard Cal mix (Part # 1300-C) and our PLFA Cal Mix (Part # 1208). The new format has been carefully validated and is identical in performance to the current ready-to-use mixes. The concentrated cal mix requires re-suspension according to the enclosed instructions prior to use.

*Note: Part # 1200-A & 1201-A are no longer available outside the USA.

We value our customers and are pleased to save you both time and money with this new concentrated version.

Sherlock MIS Concentrated Cal Mix Handling (Part # 1300-C & 1208)