Products: Libraries for the Sherlock MIS (Agilent) and Sherlock CAS (Shimadzu) Systems

Operation of the Sherlock Microbial Identification System (MIS) requires purchasing one or more fatty acid-based libraries (or Peak Naming Tables), based on your requirements. The Base Sherlock package comes with the "Traditional" Aerobic Bacteria Library. All libraries contain summarized data from reference strains of fatty acid-containing microbes grown under standardized conditions.

An "optional" kit-based extraction method and libraries is available. The Sherlock E-FAME Method contains 2 aerobic libraries targeted at pharma QA/QC customers.

"E-FAME" 15 Minute Sample Preparation - Aerobe Package

      E-FAME - Aerobes (2 Libraries)

"Traditional" 90 Minute Sample Preparation - Aerobe Package

      Traditional - Environmental Aerobes

      Traditional - Clinical Aerobes

      Traditional - Biowarfare Agents

"Traditional" 90 Minute Sample Preparation - Anaerobe Package

      Traditional - Anaerobes (Broth-grown)

      Traditional - Anaerobes (Plate-grown)

"Traditional" 90 Minute Sample Preparation - Yeast Package

      Traditional - Environmental Yeast

      Traditional - Clinical Yeast

Phospholipid Fatty Acid (PLFA) Peak Naming Method - Plant and Soil

      PLFA - Compounds Named (Soils)

Edible and Marine Oil Peak Naming Method

      Edible/Marine Oil Compounds Named