Products: Sherlock Chromatographic Analysis System (CAS): Shimadzu Hardware Only

MIDI Now Adds Shimadzu Instrument Support in the USA and Select Countries

In 2017, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) and MIDI, Inc. formed a strategic partnership to develop and market automated chromatographic solutions for agri-biotech, biodefense, dietary supplement, food science, forensics and renewable energy laboratories. These automated testing solutions will save analysis time, reduce labor costs, while providing unprecedented analytical accuracy over the "manual" chromatography approaches used in these industries.

Several of these solutions are now available for Shimadzu Corporation's GC-2010/2030 hardware and LabSolutions™ software.

This request form is to receive additional information about MIDI's new Sherlock applications on Shimadzu's GC hardware only.


MIDI Sherlock Chromatographic Analysis System (CAS)

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