Products: Sherlock X™ Fire Debris Analysis Software

The Sherlock System has been used for over 25 years to analyze complex chemical mixtures and now has been extended to the forensics of fire debris analysis. The Sherlock X Fire Debris Analysis Software solution automatically identifies over 130 hydrocarbon compounds associated with ignitable liquids by GC-MS.

For an objective and automated fire debris analysis solution, the Sherlock X software and methods are combined with an Agilent GC-MS and Agilent ChemStation analysis software. Sherlock's peak characterization and pattern recognition algorithms, combined with a calibration mixture, standardize each instrument and batch of samples. This virtually eliminates the manual calibration adjustments associated with a GC-MS. Sherlock X determines an absolute response, as well as a relative percentage for each compound.

In addition to it's ability to identify individual compounds, Sherlock X includes categorization capabilities. These categories are based on ASTM E1618 groupings. Sherlock X includes easy-to-understand visualization tools, including TICs, EICs, quantitative and graphical data interpretation. Unknown samples can also be compared to a stored database of known samples using Sherlock X's pattern recognition algorithms. Additionally, users can create custom databases.

Key Features of Sherlock X Fire Debris Analysis Solution:

  • Objective answers.
  • Time and cost savings.
  • Clear and concise data.
  • Automated categorization & database matching.
  • Repeatable and reproducible.
  • Compliance with ASTM standards.
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